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Connect Jira to multiple Salesforce instances. Azure Ad Identifier. BIG-IP as SAML SP Configuration¶. BUSINESS SCENARIO SAP HANA Cloud connector is an on premise agent that runs in the customer network and takes care of securely connecting cloud applications, running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, with services and systems of Qlik Connectors link your data to the powerful Qlik Analytics Platform. Ensure a successful integration I need to connect to a SAP Hana Instance but the 2016 version of Excel has a url built in that is redirected at SAP Sites. The SAP Connector supports three types of actions: GET - Used for BAPI/Remote Function Module (RFC type communication) SEND - Used for Inbound IDoc processing LISTEN Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) enables you to create connector APIs to connect to SOAP services. Each Cloud Connector micro version is supported for 12 months, which means the cloud side infrastructure is guaranteed to stay compatible with those versions. 2 Scope of this Document ter-connector, as certified by SAP. 40 for the AWS Cloud - Setup Guide. SAP Connector SAP Connector Reference v4. The mechanism works like this: The cloud is able to execute ABAP scripts on your targeted SAP system (hence a User with ABAP-Rights is needed). Start your test drive now! The specified URL must be your own SAP server URL, while all the other information is used to establish a connection between our cloud and your SAP system. (or URL). c. Much like Version 1. Welcome to the community home for SAP Cloud Platform, SAP’s agile digital enterprise platform for customers, partners and developers. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Connect cloud applications with other SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premises apps. name requested state instances memory disk urls broker-test-app started 1/1  Jun 6, 2018 The sensor sends the data to SAP HANA Cloud Platform using IoT services or the SAP HANA Cloud Connector for various reasons such as the creation of a In Figure 11, click the link under Application URLs to open the  Jul 5, 2018 Once it is decided that SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) will be access the SCPI web URL and also the runtime configuration URL. The latest version of the Loftware Connector is designed to run with Loftware Print Server Enterprise Edition. In the running Oracle VM VirtualBox open a Konsole (KDE Application Menu > System > Konsole) Start Developing on SAP Cloud Platform. In I have jdk/jre 7 installed in my system and i have environment variable set too in my system eclipse is working fine but still while running the cloud connector it shows can find jvm directory any help anyone. hanatrial. Layer2 Data Provider for OData: Specifications for Cloud Connector The Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint can be used to connect almost any external data sources to native SharePoint lists and libraries, for example via the OData protocol as used by many applications, e. So we've released to public preview the SAP connector for Azure Logic Apps which lets you call or be called as RFCs, BAPIs, as well as send and receive IDOCs. db. SAP PLM DMS. Whether your data is stored on-premise or in the cloud, you can quickly load it into Qlik Sense or QlikView. BUSINESS SCENARIO SAP Web Integrated Development Environment (or SAP Web IDE) is a next-generation cloud-based meeting space where multiple project stakeholders can work together from a common web interface -- On the Set up SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication section, copy the appropriate URL(s) as per your requirement. Please specify URL, collection, authentication method, user and password in the  tion is established, the Cloud Connector accepts calls from SAP Cloud . Look no further! With this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to easily connect your on-premise system to the SAP Cloud Platform (formerly SAP HANA Cloud Platform) using Cloud Connector. This mission is the ideal starting point for newcomers to development on SAP Cloud Platform. Top. But to fully monitor a cloud service scenario it is also important to monitor the integration between the cloud service and the on-premise backend system. Cloud Connector opens the secure tunnel connection to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud tenant using its public tenant URL. SAP Fiori Cloud SAP CoPilot SAP Build UI Theme Designer SAP Web IDE SAP Fiori Elements SAP RAD by Mendix SAP Jam Collaboration SAP Document Center Cloud Connector OData Provisioning API Management Cloud Integration SAP Cloud Platform Portal SAP Content to Go* SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS* SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Helpdesk Authenticate a Connector You can authenticate with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to create your own instance of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Helpdesk connector through the UI or through APIs. SAP Certification is an exam conducted by SAP SE, the market leader in enterprise application software. g. Week 2, Unit 3: Exposing Back-End APIs to the Cloud. SAP Cloud Platform. Finally you will have connection from the back-end to the Cloud. Below is an example of how to use SAP Web IDE to consume an oData service by using the wizard and the service catalog. Welcome to the SAP Cloud for Customer community. We’ll then Create a single logical system in SAP for IDoc ALE integration with SAP Connector. SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity tells Cloud Connector to open the connection to this specific SAP S/4HANA Cloud tenant using the admin connection. Once authenticated, you can use the connector instance to access the different functionality offered by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud platform. The cloud connector is configured as per the client account in Hana cloud cockpit. By Raytion. Let me show you the steps I take to and where I need help: 1. Excel at your SAP Certification. It should make some RFC calls to an ABAP Backend, therefore I am using a SAP Cloud Connector. There are a couple of ways you can login to SAP Analytics Cloud: Unique URL; Website; When you or your s-user (system administrator) purchase SAP Analytics Cloud, you will receive a welcome email with a link to a unique URL. Connect your SAP Analytics Cloud to your existing SAP BI Platform with the SCP Cloud Connector Raphaël 28 February 2018 15 March 2018 0 In this short video, I will show you how to connect your existing SAP Analytics Cloud to your existing SAP BI Platform with the SCP Cloud Connector. As we have installed the Cloud connector on our IDES, the URL would be. SAP S - 4 HANA Cloud Authenticate a Connector Instance. Interactive installation. So for an on-premise S4 HANA implementation, our best bet for Fiori/UI5 IDE is the SAP Web IDE full stack version / SAP Web IDE personal edition? We can still do with Eclipse UI5 plugin, but I think this is not recommended. Figure 18 Set up your SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud 4 1. In this video, Nick Nguyen will take us through the configuration steps necessary for configuring single sign-on using principle propagation. cloud connector administration UI by invoking the URL https://localhost:8443  Nov 28, 2018 Install the Cloud Connector to securely connect applications on SAP Cloud Platform with your on-premise systems. One thing to remember is that you are allowed two instances of the cloud connector as part of your SAP cloud infrastructure. I currently connect to SAP Hana via the SAP Connector. Live Data Connection to SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform Live data connections allow you to connect your data sources with SAP Analytics Cloud. One is to get the initial connection going, as we had to have a server here to work the cloud connector, and he put that in," he explained. To create your first resource location For a number of cases, for example when cloud applications like Successfactors (for example Employee Replication interface from SF to SAP ECC) is being integrated with on Premise SAP using SAP HCI , SAP Cloud Connector can be a helpful tool and hope SAP will have a recommended approach at some point of time to frequently use the Cloud Connector with SAP HCI Integrations. 1 SAP Concur Connector SAP Concur Connector Reference SAP S4/HANA Cloud Connector SAP S4/HANA Cloud Connector Reference SAP SuccessFactors Connector SAP SuccessFactors Connector Reference Scripting Module Scripting Module Reference MuleSoft provides a widely used integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premises. The cloud is a major factor in the appeal of SAP Analytics Cloud, Filreis said, because it enabled him to greatly reduce IT dependence and costs. 0 is a high-capacity program that offers tremendous speed and reliability. To download the latest version of the SAP B1 Cloud Connector, navigate to the following: Before you can access data from the Cloud Connector in an application on SAP Cloud Platform (Neo), you must establish a trust between your SAP Cloud Platform subaccount and the Cloud Connector that is installed in your system landscape. Find the SAP Hana connector in Excel under Data How to consume oData service from the ABAP back-end system. Login URL. 7. Step 1: Set up SAP Cloud Platform Identity  May 7, 2019 SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors provides pre-built connectors to Cloud Platform console, and then provide the service endpoint URL. SAP HANA Cloud connector connects between on-demand applications in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems. com/ and  Apr 9, 2019 The Cloud Connector supports connection to the Internet through a web Apps and Desktops service, even if the required connectivity URLs  Mar 29, 2019 Connect to SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment. There are a wide variety of services available for various needs, including an SAP HANA Cloud Portal service for on-premise and on-demand content mashups, an SAP HANA Cloud Integration OData provisioning service for providing on-premise content to on-demand applications, an SAP HANA cloud connector service for secure on-demand and on-premise In this blogpost I will demonstrate how easy it is to expose SAP functionality to the cloud with the new Azure App Services. It is the expected behaviour, the cloud connector offers a channel between the cloud platform and on-premise systems. The connector links, pushes and pulls Salesforce information from/to Jira. Connector for Oracle 2. Figure 17. Also, several my colleagues had problem with “Location ID” field. Learn about platform fundamentals, register for a trial account, and get to know the lay of the land. The cloud connector runs as on-premise agent in a secured network and acts as a reverse invoke proxy between the on-premise network and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. "I use my IT guy for two things now. Jul 13, 2015 SAP HANA Cloud connector connects between on-demand . Attached is the screenshot. 2 SAP Connector Reference v4. Unpacking the entire archive is not the way to go. Logout URL. The SAP cloud connector, amongst other things, allows you to connect your on premise tools to the SAP Cloud Platform. SAP Concur simplifies travel, expense and invoice management for total visibility and greater control. . The backend service is available through the cloud platform destination service, the cloud Also maintain the above mentioned destination, within SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud Connector, specifying the SAP Solution Manager relevant gateway host and port. Ok, I see. Thanks to our multi-cloud foundation you can leverage the latest cloud-native technologies and benefit from major hyperscaler infrastructures. SAP HANA Cloud connector serves as the link between on-demand applications in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems. Go to Your SAP Cloud Platform Trial | Neo Trial, and navigate to your subaccount. It can be downloaded and installed from the SAP link for cloud connector download. Looking for more information on SAP Cloud Platform and how it integrates with the latest SAP technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, and more? Your support and sales teams close in Salesforce. URL, Is the virtual host we configured in the SAP Cloud Connector. jdbc. It enables developers of Java EE applications to call functions in a SAP backend, making use of Java EE features like Container Managed Transactions and Security. All rights reserved. The benefit of connecting to data this way is that the data stays in the source system These resources may not be able to connect to the Cloud Connector and Virtual Apps and Desktops service, even if the required connectivity URLs are whitelisted. You'll also deploy your very first app. Mattias Hi Naresh. It combines an easy setup with a clear configuration of the systems that are exposed to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. a. Similarly, SAP Analytics Cloud Agent should be installed for SAP Business Warehouse (BW), SQL Server, SAP ERP, and others. In this appendix, we’ll discuss the architectural structure of SAP Fiori, cloud edition, and then explain the steps for getting started. Indexes documents, attachments, and other records from SAP PLM in near real time. How to Login to SAP Analytics Cloud. Cuckoo is an open source Resource Adapter for SAP that is compatible to the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) version 1. 1. Learn more about the Cloud Connector: features, scenarios and setup. Also, keep in mind that version 2. On existing destinations without the / the connection is working, but when trying to create new connection a / is automatically added the URL, and the destination is reported as not reachable, "Failure reason: "Resource is not accessible in Cloud connector or backend is not reachable"" Thank you in Advance. Note 2388242 contains instructions on resetting the administrator password. An open platform as a service (PaaS) which provides customers and partners with in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique business services for building and extending personalized, collaborative, mobile-enabled cloud applications. 2 Maintain Code List Mapping . Result: Your SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7. Jim - Great information thanks for the post. hana. Turn your integration problem into a solution! In this E-Bite, discover the SAP Cloud Platform Integration for SAP SuccessFactors implementations. 10 and 2. Refer figure 20. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. I’m finding it difficult to find the correct address to enter in the initial Tableau Web Data Connector URL. Once the cloud connector is configured (refer link Cloud connector config) , add the backend system to be connected, with the system details such as host name (from SICF), port for In the initial version of SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment, these applications can connect to an SAP S/4HANA Cloud back end, and in planned future versions, access to on-premise back ends will be enabled through the Cloud Connector component for SAP Cloud Platform. We can use either sap web dispatcher or sap cloud connector as our reverse proxy. b. This assumes that you have installed the Cloud Connector and done the configurations required. You can browse the list of available BAPI/RFMs and IDocs available in your SAP system and auto-generate the request and response profiles to use in AtomSphere processes and maps. 6th generation Raytion search connector. 3: Cloud Connector is up and running. The Cloud connector runs as on-premise agent in a secured network and acts as a reverse invoke proxy between the on-premise network and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. SAP SuccessFactors ODATA Connector Guide > SAP SuccessFactors ODATA Connections > SAP SuccessFactors ODATA Connection Properties When you set up an SAP SuccessFactors ODATA connection, you must configure the connection properties. 78 Qlik Sense Multi-Cloud Qlikview SalesForce Connector URL Hi All, I am using the below connect string to connect to SFDC server. Finally, deploy the SAP UI5 application again to the SAP Cloud Platform For most cloud services, SAP Solution Manager is able to collect and monitor exceptions happening in the cloud service. qlikview In the series of posts about Logic Apps SAP connector I am talking today about some details of the implementation for the support of BAPIs. sap. You can call these connector APIs from the implementations of your custom APIs. 5. com/#cloud . I will use a combination of API Apps to create a Logic App that exposes BAPI functionality to an external website. They all deal with product issues and need an integrated view of what's going in order to be effective. This is the way connect ship integration to SAP was explained: tracking number is generated in UPS via WebServices / Connectship > SAP call WebService > retrieve tracking number > Update via XSI HU / Pack charge / Delivery. SAP HCI, SAP Process Integration, SAP HANA Cloud Connector When to use what General Infos All products will be developed and marketed in parallel and are fully complementary Pre-packaged integration content is shipped for SAP HANA Cloud Integration as well as SAP Process Integration Opportunities for SAP Process Integration With the power of SAP APIs, it’s now easier than ever to create applications that are flexible and can be quickly adjusted to customer requirements. sap_connector. Follow and join the conversation with other users today to improve your SAP Cloud Platform skills and reputation! Contribute to nzamani/sap-cloud-connector-docker development by creating an account on GitHub. Installing the Cloud Connector on a machine template (before cloning) is not supported. Requested opening of a tunnel for subaccount "<name of your subaccount>" and default SCC location ID, that is, empty string or simply not configured. To get SSO configured for your application, go to the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication In this webinar, we cover: • Technical view of HCP, SAP Web IDE, and HANA Cloud Connector • How to subscribe to the beta trial of SAP Web IDE • How to install and configure SAP HANA Cloud Installing and Configuring the HANA Cloud Connector for On-premise OData Access Set up your SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud 4 1. Configure the connection to your SAP Cloud Platform subaccount: After password has been changed the next step is to connect our SAP Cloud Connector from the Go-to SAP Cloud Connector page and notice the “Connector State” and the “Connections” after your successful request from HCI iflow to SCC. When you define SAP Connector as a logical system, SAP acknowledges SAP Connector as an external system that can receive outbound IDocs from SAP and send inbound IDocs to SAP. There is a cost involved if wanting to go the JDBC route, so this is out of the Cuckoo is an open source Resource Adapter for SAP that is compatible to the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) version 1. SAP or Microsoft CRM/ERP systems. and robust traffic management Secure connection to on-premise systems with Cloud 1 SAP NetWeaver High Availability Cluster 7. The ABAP AS on ASE 16. 0, Loftware Connector Version 2. Here's how to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML for the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication application. Now we have introduced a Web Dispatcher in  Learn how to install SAP Cloud Connector, get step-by-step instructions to configure your cloud to on-premise connectivity, and set up SAP Cloud Connector. 0 provides a great platform for trying out the ABAP language and toolset. Welcome to the SAP Cloud Platform Security series. After creating a trial account, you can then download the SAP B1 Cloud Connector. ondemand. How to Configure Integration between SAP ERP and SAP Cloud for Customer using SAP HCI 4 © 2014 SAP SE. It is extensively pre-configured with Fiori launchpad, SAP Cloud Connector, SAP Java Virtual Machine, pre-configured backend /frontend connections, roles, and sample applications. Blog about your experiences with Cloud for Customer, ask questions, and hear directly from the product team about the latest and greatest with SAP Cloud for Customer. I understand you can connect to SAP Hana via ODBC and JDBC. Integration with in-house systems are easier with help from services like cloud connector. Cloud Connector Introduction: The cloud connector serves as the link between on-demand applications in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems. Once the cloud connector is configured (refer link Cloud connector config) , add the backend system to be connected, with the system details such as host name (from SICF), port for Hello Tamas, thank you for the instructions. The connector supports document-level security within Google Cloud Search based on the permission model and user management in SAP PLM. It combines an easy clear configuration of the systems that are exposed to SAP Cloud Platform. Delivered as a unified integration experience, CloudHub™ and Mule ESB™ (enterprise service bus) are built on proven open source technology for fast and reliable on-premises and cloud integration without vendor Using SAP Web IDE with Public and On-Premise Data-Services. In this unit you learn how to install and set up SAP HANA Cloud connector on your Linux VM so that it connects the S/4HANA back-end system with your HCP trial account. SAP Cloud Platform is an open business platform designed to help you innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility and choice. I am trying to perform the same but with SAP Business Objects 3. 11 in the following the description follows the process Download the SAP B1 Cloud Connector. If you clone a machine with the Cloud Connector installed, the Cloud Connector services will not run and the machine cannot connect to Citrix Cloud. OData Connector communicates with these systems in the OData protocol. System is returning with warning message of "User authentication failed". 0. Would you like to participate in a short survey about the SAP Help Portal? Yes, take me to the survey No At the end I want to sum up the main idea: you connect you back-end system to cloud connector, then you connect cloud connector to SAP Cloud Platform. IBM App Connect Professional (Formerly CastIron Live) IBM App Connect Professional® allows you to integrate all your business data and connect applications across all of your environments. SAP certifications help validate the expertise and experience of SAP partners, software users, customers and professionals who are looking to be placed in a SAP environment. Make sure that the SAP Cloud Connector (SCC) is up and running as described in Week 2 - Unit 5. The default user is the SAP Cloud Connector is Administrator and the default password is manage, the first time you will login in the UI it will request to configure a new password. How to use App Connect Designer with SAP. Learn to deploy integration content for four deployment models: talent hybrid, core hybrid, side-by-side, and full cloud. (You'll get the badge for this mission about 30 days after you complete The connector also enables integration with SAP's newer HANA-based SAP systems, such as S/4 HANA, whether they're hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Mar 27, 2019 SAP Cloud Connector, https://tools. Release Notes: 2003. Any changes made to your data in the source system are reflected immediately. Step 1. The access to the backend service via cloud connector URL fails with 404 response code. These systems are OData compliant, on-premise compliant or cloud applications compliant. But beyond the technical aspect, what does that mean in terms of business process, patterns you can enable with these? OData Connector integrates Data Integration with systems, such as SharePoint, databases, SAP OData services, and Team Foundation Services. Check the Audit log of the SAP Cloud connector and note the access allowed via SCC for the virtual host URL and its resource “/sap/public/ping”. We are connecting the Cloud Platform to on-premise ABAP systems using the Cloud Connector. How to Achieve it? To consume the OData services in SAP Gateway, we would be configuring SAP Cloud Connector to expose them outside the intranet. To establish connections with these remote systems, you need to install some additional components. Additionally, the web proxy may block connections between the Cloud Connector and Azure Service bus because an IP address is used as a URL in the HTTP Connect command. See how to install Cloud Connector; then, get step-by-step instructions to configure your cloud to on-premise connectivity and vice versa. 50 SP02 system is now up and running with its processes on a Linux VM. Configure SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Single Sign-On. Learn how to set up and configure the cloud connector for SAP Cloud Platform. The Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition is a set of packaged virtual machines for deployment on-premises which connect a customer’s existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service provider circuits with Skype for Business Cloud PBX operating in Office 365. This document describes the configuration for an external IDP Connector using an IDP Connector template in the Guided Configuration SAML Service Provider workflow. This means having to use the ScriptBuilder QVW every time i need to query a table. Similar to my recent post on IDoc action url and schema generation (IDoc post), when you are using BAPIs with Logic Apps SAP connector, you will need an action URL… March 6, 2019 1 SAP Business Connector (also known as "SAP BC") is a re-branded version/restricted licence version of webMethods Integration Server provided by SAP as a middleware solution for their R/3 product. The destination is defined in the SAP Cloud Platform, however I would like to dynamically pass the Username and Password (from a login mask) to login in the SAP back-end with different users. Spring Cloud Connectors simplifies the process of connecting to services and Spring Cloud Connectors for SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) · Spring Cloud  SAP to SharePoint connection defined in the Layer2 Cloud Connector. Choose which Salesforce objects and fields are available in Jira Cloud. In this unit you learn how to install and set up SAP HANA Cloud connector on your Open the Google Chrome web browser on your host OS and enter URL  propagation using SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity and Cloud Connector In your web browser open URL https://account. In App Connect Designer, as a business user (or anyone else wanting a simple integration experience) you can create integration flows that retrieve or create SAP OData resources and use data retrieved from SAP for other activities in the flow. acting as an OAuth client, will respond with a URL redirect to the XSUAA service,. IT Administrator should have already installed the cloud connector. SAP Fiori, cloud edition, provides two options for getting started: produc-tive use with a license for continued capabilities and a 90-day free demo cloud version. This is not ideal. 2 Scope of this Document ter_connector, as certified by SAP. SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration, gives you that fast, simple way to connect your back-end systems without the need for multiple adapters. 1 SAP NetWeaver High Availability Cluster 7. Intuitive self-service tools let you quickly configure, extend, and test processes, while automated upgrades and monitoring make it easy to keep transactions SAP Cloud Platform has great extensibility which can virtually realize many complex enterprise system architecture scenarios. Refer figure 21. The SAP Cloud connector is a critical piece in your SAP Cloud landscape. 11 takes a longer time to launch than previous versions, so be patient. The steps differ slightly between SAP Cloud Connector 2. Connection to a SAP HANA JDBC connection XQE-JDB-0004 A problem occurred finding the driver class "com. You can authenticate with SAP S/4HANA Cloud to create your own instance of the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud connector through the UI or through APIs. The SAP Cloud Platform cloud connector (formerly the Hana Cloud Connector) serves as the link between on-demand applications in SAP Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems. To achieve this, you need to enable the corresponding parameters from SAP Note 2556432 in the configuration of the Diagnostics agents to be assigned to the SAP Cloud Connector systems. SAP Cloud Connector. Register SAP Cloud Connector with LMDB. This link will take you to a login screen that is unique to your company. This page allows you easy access to resources related to Web Management Console. The Cloud Connector should SAP Knowledge Base Article - Preview On accessing to SAP Cloud Connector(SCC) login page, you are unable to login successfullly via the URL with the correct Administrator(or other built-in) user's login credential. Connector for SAP PLM with support of its security model. you need to define all resources that shall be accessible to the Web IDE by inserting their URL and by Since SAP Gateway is an on-premise application and is behind a secure network (intranet), you need to use the SAP Cloud Connector. For example, you must install SAP HANA Cloud Connector to access SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) for Netweaver. Driver". ǀ Public Best of breed engine with streamlined admin and developer experience in SAP Cloud Platform Increased productivity with to OData Agnostic REST/OData or SOAP services management Enterprise Grade Security for the APIs against attacks like DoS, CSRF, XSS etc. The SAP connector supports message or data integration to and from SAP NetWeaver-based systems through Intermediate Document (IDoc), Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI), or Remote Unable to connect to OData Services with error: 503 There is no SAP Cloud Connector (SCC) connected to your subaccount. https://<cloud connector host>:8443/sap/bc/rfc. 1 SP7. url sap cloud connector

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